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Promise of Blood (The Powder Mage, #1)

Promise of Blood  - Christian Rodska, Brian  McClellan Couldn't finish this one - 2 Stars

I gave this one the old college try. I gave the audiobook 6 hours of my time which was about 30%. I found the premise of the story to be interesting and unique. A group of mages whose powers stem from and primarily effect gunpowder orchestrate a coup to take down the ruling government whilst attempting to destroy the mages or "privileged" of other orders.

Unfortunately the writing and plot development was both unappealing and uninteresting. The story was written in short choppy sentences. It gave the novel a jagged and unsettling tempo. On top of the this, the story progressed in a jagged and unsettling manner. A scene would cut and at the next sentence, several days had passed. This left me feeling confused on a couple of occasions. It was especially difficult when I restarted the audiobook. The pace made it very difficult for me to reorient myself to the story.

Finally, I simply did not care about any of the characters. The seemed flat and two dimensional and at times were simply perplexing. The plot centred around was, as I understand, a coup that had been decades in planning yet on the day that the plan was put into action, the main proponent of the plan was confused, often undeceive and acted as if he had not planned for many contingencies. This simply did not make sense to me.

I gave this book 2 star even though it is a DNF. I give some credit to the author for coming up with a new and interesting idea. While the writing was not horrendous and was not so bad that I would say it was amateurish, it simply was not a book I could appreciate and enjoy. This was disappointing as I enjoy novels that are in the flintlock rifle era.