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Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers - Alexander Kent A disappointing 2 Stars

Band of Brothers is the final book in early Trilogy of the Richard Bolitho series. The trilogy deals with Richards early days as a midshipman. It appears this final book of the trilogy was written well after the first two books and after the majority of the whole series.

I have little positive to say about this volume. It was as if the author felt that he needed a final book of the midshipman series and then threw together some random thoughts. The result was a disjointed and confusing story about.... Well, I'm not sure what it was really about. Had I read the books as they were published, it might make more sense. It does deal with characters that I get the sense will appear in future books. This likely served as a prequel to show how Richard met these persons. Overall, it was of a much lower quality than the first two which were short, entertaining reads.