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The Shining Girls

The Shining Girls - Lauren Beukes I just can't finish this one. I got though about 40%. While the premise is intereting - A time travelling killer stalks and ultimately kills his victims across time while one victim defies his attempts- the writing and characters were not interesting.

The MC is simply depraved. I don't have a stomach for psychos who get their jollies from killing young girls. While the descriptions of the murders were not graphic, there was constant description of the MC's "tastes". Additionally, all of the characters are broken. While Kirby, our intrepid and precocious hero, has spunk and vigor, she is as broken as everyone else.

The content of the novel was a little to "adult" for my taste. While it might interest other readers, I will not be finishing it. It has been thrown into the "disappointments of 2013" pile.