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The Rook

The Rook - Daniel O'Malley I didn't finish this one, so I won't give it a star rating. UPDATE - I lied, I gave it a star rating.

While I did find the concept to be interesting, the characters and the style of writing turned me off. Specifically, the characters (who were adults) and the writing style was juvenile. The characters (who were supposed to be professionals) spoke like college students and were rather shallow. The book felt like it was aimed at Young Adults and I and not a YA fiction fan. If you are going to make a story appealing to a younger audience then make the character younger. I felt like I was reading a story with full grown children.

The basic concept of waking up inside of a body that is not yours and taking over the life of someone else, it an interesting start. Add it characters that your find in the X-Men and have them fighting evil, even more interesting. I wanted to like this book and I gave it many chances. Had the author cut out about 150 page and relied less on information and discovery through letters from another character, the book would have flowed better or at least I would have liked it better.

Too bad. Missed opportunity. I read 50% of the book, so I feel like I gave it a fair chance. I will not be reading the second book. It might be a good book, but it just wasn't for me.