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Moon Over Soho (Peter Grant, #2) - Ben Aaronovitch,  Kobna Holdbrook-Smith Urban Fantasy that can't be beat. 5 Stars

It's official. I have a man crush on Peter Grant. I can't help myself :)

For me, this series stands at the top of UF. Maybe because he is British and as a Canadian I still feel beholden to Her Majesty. Whatever it is, I prefer the British crime wizard. In part, he is willing to work with other people unlike a certain wizard from Chicago (I'm talking about Harry Dresden for those of you who are not catching my drift) who prefers to be the good old American cowboy. Don't get me wrong, both are superb pieces of fiction but not only does Ben Aaronovitch craft a wonderful plot, he captures the feel and tone of the City of London. Not that I actually know what its like, but the story makes the city and the people come alive.

The book is atmospheric. Our unlikely hero, Peter Grant, describe the characters and places he visits by smell and sound. A certain character who may be immortal, 90 years old but look they are 20 may smell like lavender and brick dust. It may seem strange but there is always a reason.

I have to hand it to Aaronovich. He is not adverse to shockers. Peter's love interest in the first book has her face fall off. There is, at least at this point, no magic bullet to fix her. She is now horribly deformed and barely able to talk. Most author would be afraid to damage a powerful supporting character like this but it works with the story and we are not left wanting Hold on to your seat.

The pace of this book varies from quick to slow but your are never left bored.

One final note. Some may not like this as much as other UF as the magic plays a lesser role. It is more an UF/Police Procedural that involves magical elements. I personally find Peter Grant's attempts to explain and understand magic through the eyes of science to be an interesting and original. I highly recommend this series.