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Rivers of London (Peter Grant, #1)

Rivers of London (Peter Grant, #1) - Ben Aaronovitch,  Kobna Holdbrook-Smith A very solid 4.5 Stars

Quite probably the best UF I have read/listened to. That said, the only other UF I have read are the first 6 books in the Dresden Files. High company indeed. The writing was wonderful and fluid and filled with dry British humour that this Canuck can appreciate. Unlike other UF, human reasoning and regular investigation played an equally large role (if not more) than magic.

The characters were very entertaining. The inspector and Beverly were particular favourites. The last 1/4 or 1/5 of the book was were it lost the last half star. It seemed that the story may have become a bit too big for its britches and the final details were not well explained. I was particularly annoyed in that he seemed to forget about his wannabe love interest after her possession. Out of sight out of mind I guess

audiobook specifics

The narrator MADE this audiobook. His accent, pace, tone and were 5 star. Probably my favourite narration to date. At one point I questioned if I would enjoy the book as much if I were reading it.