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A howling good 4 stars

Ok. So its a bad pun ^^. Its my review. I can do what I want :)

Butcher nails it again with the second installment of the Dresden Files. This time, there are werewolves (and a variety of other wolfish creatures) roaming the city. As in the first book, the PI who happens to be a wizard is on the case.

I love that the books feels like a hardboiled crime novel that just happens to have some mythical creatures. A good PI crime novel and a good fantasy novel.

I thought the first book was better. Many of the plot devices were simply recycled in the second book. Not to say it was boring because there was plenty of fresh material to keep you interested. I knocked it down a half star because it was a little less creative.

I am hoping for changes in the future novels as some of the plot devices are wearing thin after only two books (i.e. SI Murphy and her distrust). These repetitive plot elements are what keep me from finishing series. I hope they stay fresh throughout because I am enjoying these books.