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Event (Event Group Adventure, #1)

Event (Event Group Adventure, #1) - David Lynn Golemon My #5 favorite read of 2013

An enthusiastic 4.5 Stars

Not since I read my first James Rollins novel have I liked a "new to me" author this much. This series looks to have all of the plot points I find exciting in an AA novel. Secret Government Agencies. Check. Tracking down ancient/paranormal/unexplained/other-world objects or artifacts. Check. Guns and Explosions. Check.

The only thing that kept me from giving this five stars was the cast of characters. I simply lost track of the characters. I found it difficult to remember who was who as there were many different people in the book.

Beside having a great plot, the was very well polished and well written. I don't know how I had not heard of this series sooner but this certainly will not be the last one I read.