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Cliff Walk: A Liam Mulligan Novel

Cliff Walk: A Liam Mulligan Novel - Bruce DeSilva A Gut Turning 4 Stars

Unlike the previous novel in the series, Cliff Walk is much darker and grittier. In large part, this is because of the books plot which involves, in part, the child porn business and the murder of children. It is at times, a disturbing look into this despicable world. A few time could feel the characters anger as I imagined what I would do to someone who hurt my children like the villians in story. At no time is Bruce DeSilva insensitive to this serious and delicate topic.

As in his debut novel, DeSilva shows how masterful he is in developing characters. The characters are as vibrant, dull or twisted as DeSilva wants them to be. DeSilva also excels and slowing unfolding his mystery until the end. In this book, I had figured out most of the mystery by the end but I didn't care. The characters were compelling enough to keep me interested.

Another fine installment to the series.