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The Seraphim Sequence (Fifth Column, #2)

The Seraphim Sequence (Fifth Column, #2) - Nathan M. Farrugia 4 Stars

The Chimera Vector, the first book to the Fifth Column Series rated a 3.5 stars from me. This was due in large part to the fact that it lack a certain polish from other action adventure books I have read.

What struck me in the Seraphim Sequence was a noted improvement in the quality of the writing which may have been due to better editing. Regardless the reason, the second book in the series is superior to the first. Unlike the first, the characters are more fully developed and a unique family structure is created with the characters. At times in the first book, the dialogue came off as generic but that is rarely the case in this book.

Unlike other action adventure novels, The Fifth Column Series is not as focused on one indestructible hero as Shane "Scarecrow" Schofield in a Reilly novel or the indestructible Dirk Pitt in a Cussler novel. There is a greater focus on the team which from my experience is different from the average novel in this genre.

On the topic of genre, I have stated that it is action/adventure but, especially in the second of the series, a near equal part science fiction. Modified super-soldiers anyone?

This book marks a clear maturity in the author and am excitedly awaiting his next book.