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The Chimera Vector (The Fifth Column, #1)

The Chimera Vector (The Fifth Column, #1) - Nathan M. Farrugia A solid 3.5 Stars

I could not go to 4 stars as it lack the polish of other action writers. Nonetheless, I enjoyed The Chimera Vector.

After reading the reviews of other readers, I am struck that many felt the plot was too complicated or hard to follow. I simply don't agree. I have recently finished [b:The Five Greatest Warriors|6324903|The Five Greatest Warriors (Jack West Jr, #3)|Matthew Reilly|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348707542s/6324903.jpg|6510453] by [a:Matthew Reilly|83714|Matthew Reilly|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1309746050p2/83714.jpg]. The book was highly rated and read by many. If you want a convoluted plot, read the aforementioned. Nathan M. Farrugia has taken a complex area of science and distilled it into an interesting storyline. The science is complex and the manipulation of that science is complex but the story itself is accessible.

Approach this book like any other action/adventure novel. Be prepared to suspend disbelief and accept the explosions. Reading this book may not be one of the steps to enlightenment but it should entertain you along the way.

I stated above that it was not as polished as many of the big name action/adventure writers. Matthew Rielly for example, is great at letting you into the life of his hero as the explosions are happening around him. In part, the storyline of The Chimera Vector inhibited this. Until late in the book, the characters had very few memories of their early life and the books does not sufficiently provide the characters back stories.

If you have read my other reviews of action adventure books you will note that beside one of my favorite authors [a:James Rollins|38809|James Rollins|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1328147798p2/38809.jpg] I don't actually read action/adventure novels. I usually opt to listen to the audiobook version. This is because the action tends to be so over the top, I find myself rolling my eyes and putting the book down. Somehow, listening to it makes it better. As far as the Chimera Vector is concerned, I found the action to be substantially more believable. The Hero's were not constantly faced with impossible situations that required a miracle to escape.

The book has short chapters which I enjoy. It allows for quick reading when time is limited.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with The Chimera Vector. I have already bought the second book in the series and am looking forward to a few more explosions.