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The 5 Greatest Warriors (Jack West Junior Series #3)

The Five Greatest Warriors: A Novel (Audio) - Steven Crossley, Matthew Reilly This Review is for the Audiobook version of the 5 greatest Warriors.

The Five Greatest Warriors is the sequel to the 6 Sacred Stones. It picks off from the literal cliff hanger ending of the previous book.

As with the previous Jack West Jr. novels, I received exactly what I expected. Absurd action and adventure, tons of explosions and gun fights, and the end of the world.

Jack West and his "Team of Small Nations" is no A-Team. If you don't understand the reference, no one was ever shot or killed in the A-Team. It is quite the opposite here. Don't get too attached to a character because you never know when or how they might die.

There will be no noble prize here for literature here but there will be an action movie on the page (or in the headphones if you are listening to the audiobook)