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The 6 Sacred Stones (Jack West Junior Series #2)

The 6 Sacred Stones (Jack West Junior Series #2) - This Review is applicable to the Audiobook version.

The 6 Sacred Stones provided exactly what I expected. Some treasure hunting, guns, explosions and a man with a near mythical ability to avoid death. Please don't read this (or listen to this) if you wish to read action/adventure that is touched with reality. In this installment of the Jack West Series, the fantastic elements are increased to a new level. After successful diverting global catastrophe in the first novel, Jack and his band are seeking to avoid global destruction. The book is filled with mystical lights shooting from stones and previously undiscovered archeological wonders (possibly) built by a super advance earlier people.

After reading back what I wrote it seems absurd. I doubt I would be able to finish reading the books but the action and pace of the book works very well as audio and it is an enjoyable and exciting listen. I'm looking forward to the next part.