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7 Deadly Wonders

7 Deadly Wonders - Matthew Reilly 3.5 Stars

This review is for the Audiobook version of the book.

What do you get if Laura Croft and Indiana Jones were to mate, have a child, and appoint the terminator as the child's Godfather? You get Jack West Jr., the Hero of the 7 Deadly Wonders. A brilliant yet deadly, tomb raiding, treasure hunting soldier with one mechanical arm.

Please pass this book by if you are looking for intellectual stimulation. This is not a thinking mans book. This was Die Hard for your reading (or listening) pleasure.

This is precisly the type of audiobook I like. I cannot read these action novels. I feel stupid reading them and somehow feel justified in listen to them.

Full of riduculous action and impossible escape and more than a few people hacked or killed by some ancient trap in a pyramid or ancient cave.

Pure escapism. 7 Wonders is sure to keep you listening, if not to see what treasure they find next, to see who is the next to die and by what ancient and deadly trap.