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I will admit that the concept of the book is delicious. A botched murder attempt by a self absorbed, fairly clever and fraudulent biologist husband of his far more clever and resourceful wife leads to a plot of revenge from "beyond the grave". The characters are interesting to say the least. They are often quirky to the point of being nearly absurd.

That said, why 3 stars? By the time the book ended, I didn't care much for what happened to the characters. The character of Chaz Porrone, the naughty husband, became less interesting as the book progressed. He spent far too much time focusing on his "performance" in certain rooms in the house (read: bedroom) and it simply became tiring. The possibilities for revenge and for messing with the mind of a would be murderer who believe he had committed the perfect crime, were many. In the end, I was disappointed hoping that he had been messed with on a much greater scale.

The book was occasionally funny. This was my first Carl Hiaasen book/audiobook and was expecting more humour. Maybe it didn't register in the audiobook and would be funnier when read.

In the end, a great idea with average execution.