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Boy Soup

Boy Soup - Loris Lesynski,  Michael Martchenko (Illustrator) A Wonderful and Animated Poem - 5 Stars

Yesterday evening,at quarter past three
My Daughter brought a new book to me.
It seems it was sent home and was totally free,
Obtained through a program from a bank called "TD".

Upon quick review the book seemed quite grand
With beautiful pictures and light in my hand.
As you can imagine my daughter was eager
To have it read though my skills were quite meager.

So we sat on the couch with our snacks by our side
and we open the book and buckled in for a ride.

A story was told of a big, sick old giant
Who was not only tall but oddly defiant.
He read an old treatment for treating his croup
That treatment required he eat some Boy Soup.

Though eating small children had long been forbidden,
His poor sickly state called desires once hidden.
So off he went and six children he 'napped
and fun and hilarity occurred after that.

This book was not written in flowery prose
With boring descriptions to make children doze.
Instead its a story with beautiful rhyme
That my kids will enjoy, time after time.

Boy Soup, is a poetry introduction at heart
and for my young children there's no better start,
than to teach them that art is both beauty and fun
and Boy Soup delivers both these forms in one.