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Out of My League

Out of My League: A Rookie's Survival in the Bigs - Dirk Hayhurst Disappointing read after a great debut

On some level, I feel bad giving a star rating to what is essentially a person's memoirs. The reader is simply reading recounting of a period of time in a persons life. Regardless of my final star rating, Dirk Hayhurst writes honestly and provides a telling story of his experience breaking into the majors.

After reading The Bullpen Gospels, I was excited to read his second installment and was looking forward to his sarcasm and his comical take on life in the minors. In this second installment, Dirk breaks into the majors and we get an inside look at big league culture. We obtain a first hand look at dreams colliding with reality.

Unlike the Bullpen Gospels, this book is lacking in the humour of its predecessor and it is less telling when it comes to teammates, coaches and staff. A major portion of the story deals with his upcoming wedding and its collision with his break into the majors.

The author often comes off as whiney and, at times, as a bit of a douche bag. At times he realizes he has been a jerk while at other times he seems oblivious to it.

Regardless, the book in interesting in the insight into the experience of "making it to the bigs". Like a millions before me, I had dreams of playing under the lights as a professional ball player. That didn't quite work out for me. After reading this, I think I may not have enjoyed making it big.

On a positive note, Dirk Hayhurst is a Christian and he makes it obvious throughout the book. On a refreshing note, he choses to be honest about his experience and not inject afterthought and hindsight to his stories. Don't be fooled by his profession of faith. The content of the book is not for your grandma. The cast of characters are often crude. Boys in a locker room. What can I say.

Overall, an enjoyable read for a baseball fan and an insightful look into major league culture.