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RICHARD BOLITHO - Midshipman - Alexander (pen name used by Douglas Reeman) Kent A good but not great 3 Stars

The name of the book is a description of the main character. We follow 16 year old Richard Bolitho, a midshipman, aboard the vessel Gorgon as they are tasked to look into and report on the slave trade activity on the African coast.

At times, the book was exciting as there were several good battle scenes. Unfortunately, the fact this volume is so slim (160 pages to be exact) the battle scenes are over rather quickly. This is a problem with this book as a whole. The story is condensed and the scenes move so fast, you are hardly able to appreciate the story.

That said, the character of Richard Bolitho is well developed. While I won't rush to read the next book, it is certainly on my to read list.