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In Cold Blood

In Cold Blood - Truman Capote, Scott Brick A chilling 4 Stars

I had been wanting to read this for sometime after watching the movie Capote . If you found the movie to be intriguing, the book is even more so.

Having taken six years to write, In Cold Blood is epic in its scope. Never have I read a true crime account that has delved so deeply into the lives and motivations (or lack thereof) of the criminals.

The story is a chilling tale of two psychologically damaged criminals who moved from lives of petty crimes to the ultimate crime of murder. The book is written in with a narrative that feels similar to a regular crime novel. The form of the narrative is unlike most nonfiction and it is done to great effect.

The book is a classic and there is little more I can add to what has already been written. Suffice to say. Regardless, it is a chilling look at capital punishment, insanity and psychotic personalities.

A note on the Audiobook

This review is for the audiobook format. The story was narrated by Scott Brick who is a personal favorite of mine. Listen with confidence as the narration is top notch.