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The Torturer's Daughter (The Internal Defense Series)

The Torturer's Daughter - Zoe Cannon I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Let me preface my review with a few statements. 1 - I generally do not read books aimed at young adult readers. 2 - This is the first novel I have read by a self-published/Indie author.

Immediately upon starting this book you are confronted with the catchwords that will take you through the book. "Dissidents", "Internal", "Monitors". These were among the many characters/storylines/locales that reminded me of other books I have read. Unfortunately, many of the characters, storylines and themes came off as generic versions of their cousins. Much of the book did not strike me as original. Unfortunately for the novel, this is worst in the first quarter of the book. Had I not agreed to provide a review, I would have stopped reading long before completion. The storyline does become more interesting after this but not enough to get three stars.

It may be that I am being unduly harsh on the book given the audience to which it is directed. The characters are in high school but at times feel even younger. It may be that the storytelling is age appropriate so please take my statements with a grain of salt.

Having seen these themes and storylines used with much better effect, I was disappointed. A younger reader may in fact be quite happy with book. It is easy to read and the dialogue is simple. There is not excessive description and the scene change with enough regularity to keep the attention of a younger reader.

Overall, best suited for younger (early high school) readers with limited appeal to adult readers.