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The Bastard: The Kent Family Chronicles (Book One)

The Bastard - John Jakes There was a level of simplicity in the story that disappointed me. I enjoy an epic feeling in historical fiction. Ultimately, I cannot fault the simplicity of the story as the main character of the story is himself a simple man. I suppose I can't be too harsh as I stayed awake until 1 am to finish the book.

I often found the supporting characters more interesting than the main character. The entirety of the first book is a journey of the main character to determine who he wants to be and who he is. This coupled with multiple serendipitous moments that lead to story progression was also disappointing.

On the other hand, like any good historical fiction, you are made to feel as if you are looking into another period of time. The elements of the story and the historical setting feel natural. As a Canadian, my knowledge of American History is limited. Although I recognized several supporting characters, i.e. Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, Ben Revere, I am oblivious as to whether the elements of the story accurately depict the historical events. Regardless of this, you leave the story feelings as if the events truly took place.

Overall, the book was enjoyable and I look forward to continuing the series.