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Sleep Police

The Sleep Police - Jay Bonansinga A surprising 4 Stars

Since I have joined Goodreads, I have read very few books that for which I have not first read reviews and checked the ratings. The Sleep Police is the first book I have read on a whim in a long time. I am glad that I did. The book is a caffeine induced trip that keeps you questioning if the sleep deprived main character is simply a crazy killer or an unfortunate patsy.

The Sleep Police tells the story of a seriously sleep deprived detective who has had a long battle with insomnia and unexplained blackouts. While investigating a series of serial murders, he suffers other unexplained symptoms and is strangely haunted at the crime scenes. He begins to believe he is somehow involved in these murders during the times he sleeping. Is he sleepwalking? Does he have multiple personalities? It this his imagination? He vows to solve this crime before he goes back to sleep. It is while he is hopped up on a variety of stimulants that the story unfolds.

The story develops quickly and the actions does not let up as the story comes to a conclusion. The main character well developed. A nice surprise read from an unknown (to me) author. If you come across this book, pick it up. This original story is worth a read.